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Posted by Barry on Aug 8, 2013

It Makes Me Feel Good

Shakeology for life big

I recently went on a trip with my son to check out some colleges (he graduates from High School this year) and when I was packing for the trip I asked if he wanted me to pack him some Shakeology for the trip.  He responded with an “of course I want some”.  When I asked why he simply stated “I drink it every day because it makes me feel good, if it didn’t I would have stopped drinking it a long time ago”.

Now I have been drinking Shakeology everyday myself for years now and I agree with my son that it makes me feel good, keeps me healthy (I have not even had so much as a cold in 3 years), and has helped me to improve my health.  However I was surprised to see that my son was also taking Shakeology everyday as I don’t watch him that close.  I was surprised because he is a teenager and like most teenagers he eats “whatever he can get his hands on”.  The fact that he was making a point to drink Shakeology everyday just reinforced my belief that it is the best health shake on the planet if even teenagers are making a point of drinking it every day.

So if you are not sure about Shakeology or if it is right for you, just take the word of the most inconsistent, eat whatever is easiest, can eat anything I want group; teenagers and drink it because it MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD!

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