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Posted by Barry on Aug 25, 2011

Life Gives Us All Little Reminders

Just when you think you have this “working out” thing all figured out life of course throws you a curve ball.  I’m sure everyone has had something similar happen to them so I wanted to write about it and tell you what I did and how I handled it.

I had to take my son to a doctor’s appointment (he has an elbow injury and we are having a specialist at Vanderbilt Medical Center look at doing the surgical fix) that is over two hours away.  So we got up, had a good breakfast that included some Shakeology and headed out for the appointment.  We brought some protein bars and expected to stop and have a good lunch at a Subway or salad at Chili’s before we were back home later that day.

Well as we all find out the plans we make do not always work out.  We ended up spending most of the day at Vanderbilt as my son’s case was looked at by several specialist as they reviewed all the MRI and CT results and as we worked our way to “the guy” that is the one that can fix his elbow and has the skills to do it.

What this did is of course was to totally throw off our eating schedule for the day as I did not plan to be at the hospital for six hours.  To make matters worse when we were finished we had to get back to Huntsville as soon as possible as my wife had a mandatory parent meeting to attend and if we drove straight there we would make it just in time for her meeting.

We looked for a Subway on our smart phones as we were leaving, but one was not close by on the route we were taking so you all know what happened next.  We pulled into a fast food restaurant and went through the drive through.  We were all starving at this point and just wanted to eat so we got our “American standard fast food meals” and drove on.

What happened next is almost funny.  After eating our meals we all began to talk about how bad the food tasted and how it was actually making us feel nauseated.  Yes we had succeeded in stopping the hunger pains, but now we all felt bad and were sick to our stomachs.

Now I am sure I could have probably made a smarter choice at the fast food restaurant, but what I learned was very important.  My body will no longer accept me putting bad food in it and that if I have to go hungry for awhile longer then that is better than putting greasy fatty food in my body.

Now just eating one bad meal by no means “ruins” my nutrition or will it even have any bad effect on me (other than making me kind of sick).  It is just a great reminder that I have changed my life and it is for the better.

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