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Posted by Barry on Nov 3, 2011

The Holidays

Here we go.  It is starting to get cold and we are not going outside as much and to make things worse we have the American holidays which are all built around over-eating and consuming as much candy and fatty food that you can like it is a competition to see who can get the fattest before the new year.

To start the holiday season off we have Halloween.  Halloween is personally one of my favorite holidays because I love making cool costumes and my wife and I getting together with friends for some socializing at a “costume party”.  However this does not seem to be the main function of Halloween (dressing up and having fun).  This holiday seems to have the function of seeing how much candy a kid can acquire in one night.  Don’t get me wrong the kids have a lot of fun running around pretending in their costumes and getting a “treat” but they end up with pounds of candy to eat and we wonder why kids today are obese and have diabetes. Of course the candy does not stop there as the parents of these kids for the next week will find themselves “snacking” out of the kids candy stash and putting on pounds themselves because if it is in the house it usually gets eaten.

If you have decided to get healthy then you have to make a conscious effort to avoid this temptation and stick with your nutrition plan.  It is not easy when the temptation is in your house and others are eating candy nonstop so be strong and know that there are others (like myself) who are not giving in and are determined to take our health and fitness to a new level.

Next comes Thanksgiving.  We all have learned from the time we knew what Thanksgiving was that this is all about eating until you feel like you are going to pop.   It should be about family and being thankful for all that we have, but it has become an over-eaters fantasy with football on the side.

Again you need to plan ahead and stick to it.  Limit portion size and focus on the more healthy foods (like the salad or vegetable sides) then the pies and cakes.  Remember you are working way too hard to lose all the hard gains you have made by throwing your nutrition out the window.  Know that you are going to have the meal with the family; just don’t go crazy and try to see how much you can put on your plate or how many times you can “go back for seconds”.

Last is Christmas.  While it is not totally focused on food it has a lot of sweets and usually includes at least one meal with friends and family.  Follow the same game plan as with Halloween with the sweets and Thanksgiving with the meal.  Be smart, enjoy yourself, and be happy when it is over that you decided to care more about your health then proving you can still “eat a whole turkey by yourself” which is what got you in trouble in the first place.

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