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You Gotta Have Help!

You Gotta Have Help! This week I have to brag about how awesome my family is and how important it is to have a support system in order to succeed with whatever your goal is. As most of you know I have had to start traveling a lot again as that is where the work is.  In these tough economic times you have to do whatever it takes to keep working and keep money coming in, but as exercise and helping...
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Feeling Sick, Should I Workout?

Feeling Sick, Should I Workout? It has been a long long time since I have been sick.  I cannot even remember the last time I had a little cold and this time I had one of those annoying little colds that does not knock you out with the high fevers and chills, but just kind of hangs around making your head stopped up which gives you sinus headaches, runs at a low grad fever so you feel warm, and leaves you...
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On The Road Again

On The Road Again It had been quite awhile since I had to travel and I had gotten pretty set in my daily workout and nutrition routine at home.  I am not counting the family vacation as I expected that to be a “recovery week” but I am away on business for a week and had to re-learn what I had known so well when I was traveling a lot last year. Don’t get me wrong I know what to do as I have...
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Bad Workouts

Bad Workouts It happens to the best of us.  We go out to workout, muster up our “Bring It” attitude, and we just don’t feel it.  We try to stay positive and try to get fired up, but our body is just not cooperating.  So we go through the motions and give it our best, but it just is not working for some reason today.  I cannot get the same number of reps or exceed them; no I am doing...
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Lean Muscle Mass Rocks

Lean Muscle Mass Rocks I recently went on vacation with my family to the Florida Keys.  We rented a house on the Gulf side and planned on spending a week enjoying the sun and the water.  As I have been doing P90X for over a year and was in the best shape of my life I was a little curious to see what this week would do to me and how it would affect my body. Now I am not a stranger to traveling while...
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P90X the Cure for Snoring

P90X the Cure for Snoring I had meant to write about this for quite some time as it was something that happened to me that was totally unexpected as part of my 90 day P90X transformation.  The reason it kept slipping my mind was that it did not really affect me (well not as much as it did my wife) so with all the wonderful things that come with taking back your health it seemed to get overlooked. I’m...
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P90X2 Is Coming!

P90X2 Is Coming! Here is a peak at the new P90X2 that is coming this fall.  Man I can not...
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You Are Stronger Than You Think

You Are Stronger Than You Think I have learned a lot about myself as I continue on this fitness journey and one of the things that continues to amaze me is how far you can push yourself.  You know that feeling that you are done, cannot do one more repetition, and then from somewhere deep inside you somehow do that one more repetition. What this tells me is that the limits to what I can do are being stopped more...
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Cody’s Summer Hybrid

Cody’s Summer Hybrid For those of you who are looking to “mix it up” or “try something new” here is what my son came up with for us to do this summer. After teaching the classic P90x at the local gym we wanted to do some of our favorites and to try and get “ripped” and “lean” for our family vacation to the Keys so he designed the following workout. We...
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Bored Eating

Bored Eating The way our minds and bodies work has always fascinated me.  I was out with the family the other day watching one of my daughter’s play softball and her team was losing by a lot of runs.  My son turns to me and says “I’m bored so I am going to go get something to eat from the concession stand”.  Now I know he was not hungry as we had eaten before the game, but what had...
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Summer Nutrition

Summer Nutrition Now that the weather has started to warm up, your nutrition needs are going to change a little bit. Sure, the basics stay the same – you need to eat a balanced diet, watch your caloric intake, etc. Many people work hard throughout the winter and spring to eat healthy, exercise and shed pounds before summer. But as bathing suit season kicks into full gear, even the most...
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Be An Example

Be An Example I am continually amazed at how just being in shape and feeling good inspires people.  You don’t even have to say anything as they “see” the changes in you and admire and wish that they had what you have. My wife lost her aunt to cancer earlier this week and our family drove down to Birmingham for the funeral.  As happens with family gatherings at times like these you see...
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It’s All About The Support

It’s All About The Support As I continue on my fitness journey I am amazed and impressed by the number of people willing to take control of their own health and to try and get in the best shape of their lives.  Even if you start out to “just lose a few pounds” the incredible feeling of getting stronger and feeling better takes a hold of all of us and puts us in the cycle of always wanting more.  “If...
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Fitness Scams and Misleading Facts

Fitness Scams and Misleading Facts When it comes to our well-being, not much excites like the word miracle. But when referring to health and fitness, the word miracle is generally synonymous with the word scam. That is unless finding yourself suddenly motivated to exercise and eat better is something you would consider a miracle. Other than that, miracles don’t exist. What we find, without fail, is that the...
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