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Fat-Shredder   I have re-dedicated myself to trying to cut my percent body fat in my latest workout program, Body Beast.  I have “turned up the volume” by making sure I track (in detail) everything that goes into my mouth so that when I follow the “Fat-Shredder” nutrition plan I will maximize my results.  To re-acquaint people with what Fat-Shredder is, it is the nutrition plan that...
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News From Beachbody

News From Beachbody OK Team.  Wanted to let you in on some of the news from Beachbody.  Check out this video of the upcoming workout program Les Mills Combat! Here is the upcoming new Insanity Asylum Infomercial Here is Hope Solo the Goalkeeper for the US Women’s Gold Medalist Soccer Team. She’s trained with some of the best trainers in the world and chooses “Insanity: The...
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Tracking Nutrition

Tracking Nutrition You’ve heard me say over and over that with these workout programs, the nutrition and supplements are 80% of the results, with the workouts being the other 20%.  Why do I say that?  Because it’s true!!  You can bust your tail on the workouts all you want, but if you fuel your body with the same old junk that you always have, your results will be MINIMAL.  Usually, this is...
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Plugging In

Plugging In I want to talk about “Plugging In” and how important it is to staying the course, pressing on toward our goals, and seeing the MAX results we want. All too often I see people “Bailing Out” and falling off the wagon.  Most often, it’s the ones who never really Plugged In to begin with.  Look at our GooBurner Challenges.  Look at the names of the people who have been...
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Duck!   Beware I am about to go off a little so if you get your feelings hurt easily then stop reading now. I have always tried to be nice and pleasant and helpful and try to encourage people with a gentle nudge.   This works well for some, but I’m not so sure this is the right way to help the GooBurner team. I have noticed as of late that people are sending back product (which...
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Lemonade I have always been a “glass half full” kind of guy and tried to find a way to make any situation work to my benefit even if it was a bad one.  Point in case is the situations that my family and I currently find ourselves in. I am deployed overseas for at least two months, my son has just gone off to high school boarding school, and my wife and daughters have to continue the...
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My Favorite Supplements

My Favorite Supplements Below is the list of supplements that have helped me maximize my results during my P90X / Insanity / Hybrid transformation.  There are others I’ve tried, but I didn’t feel they gave me as much “bang for my buck” as these.  This is not to say that you NEED these.  I am just saying that I wouldn’t want to put in the time, effort, and energy into an intense workout...
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Photo Tips

Photo Tips So you have been working out and transforming your body, and now you want to document the results / progress for the scrapbook, a YouTube video, the photo galleries, or to be put on the GooBurner team website… whatever the case may be.  How do you get the very BEST pics possible?  There are several tips that will help you show off your new physique! 1)  Lighting = You want a...
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Working Out In Paradise 2

Working Out In Paradise 2 With the job I have I get to go to some of the coolest places on earth.  My job has taken me to Cape Canaveral Florida, Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands, Kodiak/Cordova/King Salmon Alaska, White Sands New Mexico, to just name a few and more recently Wake Island in the Pacific. The United States owns Wake Island and it is set up as an aircraft refueling station and also from time...
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Measuring Body Fat

Measuring Body Fat One of the most important tools in monitoring your progress is tracking the change in your body fat percentage.  Far too often we only look at the scale, but fixating on body weight is not necessarily the right thing to do.  When we start a rigorous workout program, we not only lose body fat, but we build muscle.  Our fluid balance and hydration levels will also change as our...
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Finding the Right Workout

Finding the Right Workout I’ve spent over 2 years doing Beachbody workout programs …. ONLY Beachbody workout programs. I haven’t used the gym or any workout machines. Who needs them? Clearly I haven’t! I owe all of my fitness success to this great assortment of programs.  I want to show people what’s possible with these workouts. And the best part is that there’s such a variety that the...
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What’s New From BeachBody

What’s New From BeachBody Hey GooBurners!  Today I want to pass on some breaking news on workout programs and new things coming your way. So let’s get right to it = 1) Body Beast = Orders are being shipped! I have already gotten mine.  Body Beast will include very specific set training to recruit more muscle fibers and stimulate more natural testosterone production. This is called “Dynamic Set...
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Free Trial Offer!

Free Trial Offer!   Hey gang!  The dog days of summer are on us, but I’ve got some COOL NEWS! For the month of July, Beachbody is offering a FREE TRIAL on 3 very popular workout programs — P90X, Turbo Fire, and Brazil Butt Lift. The Free Trial also includes Shakeology, a VIP Club membership, and of course the accountability of a teambeachbody coach — like me 🙂 Good deal, huh??...
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Order Body Beast!

Order Body Beast! Body Beast DVD Package It’s here!  Earlier than expected!  You can order Body beast, the equipment, the supplements, or Stacks that include both the base program and the supplements! Below are links to a BASE Kit, a HUGE Stack, and a BEAST Stack.  Here’s the links to each, and if you click them you will see more info about each option = BASE KIT ($89.85) HUGE STACK...
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