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The Answer

The Answer I get asked all the time about how to stay motivated. Starting P90X / Insanity / Power 90 / etc. is not hard! Staying with it is what’s hard! So many people start strong but fade fast.  Either they cave in to the diet and don’t see results, or they get tired and start to skip workouts, or they let distractions interfere with their workouts and end up falling behind.  Then...
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Re-Dedicate Sooner or later it happens to everyone.  You are in a great groove, working out, eating healthy, and then something in your life changes and knocks you out of that groove. It can be your job all of a sudden requires you to travel, your kids’ schedules change as they get older and more involved with after school activities, you have some kind of health issue (this happened to my...
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P90X2 a Slam Dunk

P90X2 a Slam Dunk Many of you may not know of or follow the blog of P90X and P90X2 insider Steve Edwards (you can find him on the BB website  Back when P90X2 was in the formation stages, Steve passed along many of the previews on his blog. He’s also been very involved with following the Postactivation Potentiation (PAP) training of professional and elite...
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Top 10 Appetite Suppressing Foods

Top 10 Appetite Suppressing Foods Controlling what you eat is a lot more difficult when you feel hungry. Thankfully, there are plenty of appetite suppressing foods out there that actually reduce your cravings and make it easier to achieve your fitness goals. Try eating any of one these appetite suppressing foods the next time you get a big craving. Before you know it, you’ll forget you were even hungry. Top 10...
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E&E Pre-Workout Review

E&E Pre-Workout Review Beachbody finally released its pre-workout supplement, Energy & Endurance Pre-workout Supplement or E&E for short.  I was excited to try this supplement as I just recently discovered Pre-Workout supplements and have tried a few and have been using Jack3D.  E&E is said to help with both Energy and Endurance as well as focus.  I wanted to use it for awhile so that I...
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Getting Nutrition Right

Getting Nutrition Right What phase of the nutrition should I start with?  When should I switch to the next phase?  At 30 days?  After 1 round?  How many calories should I aim for? There are so many questions that come to a person’s mind when going through P90X or any of the Beachbody programs about the nutrition, and they are GREAT questions.  As you know, nutrition is 80% of the results.  When...
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Shaun T’s15-Minute Workout on Dr. Oz...

Shaun T’s15-Minute Workout on Dr. Oz Shaun T recently went on Dr. Oz and did a full 15 minute workout with him. Click the link below to see Shaun T’s special Dr. Oz workout! Shaun T’s15-Minute Workout on Dr....
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Tropical Shakeology

Tropical Shakeology Valentine’s Day is the official release date of the newest flavor of Shakeology — Tropical Strawberry Vegan! ****CLICK HERE TO BUY TROPICAL SHAKEOLOGY NOW!!!!! You all know that I’ve been a daily Shakeology user for almost two years now, and it’s completely changed my health.  I am never sick, I feel great all the time, I have energy, and it’s the perfect cornerstone to...
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Body Beast

Body Beast Beachbody’s awesome pipeline of home workouts seems to be hitting on all cylinders lately!  Les Mills Pump was an awesome multipurpose resistance based barbell program to help both men and women shed body fat and tone up faster than any program ever developed. Then, of course the most anticipated program in years hit the market last month P90X2.  It’s all about taking your...
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Challenge Packs

Challenge Packs For those of you who like to get all your ducks in a row from the start, there is a way to SAVE MONEY by ordering a bundle that includes your fitness program, your supplements, and a VIP club membership, along with free shipping on everything, for a much reduced rate. This bundle is called a “Challenge Pack” — and there is a Challenge Pack available for nearly all of...
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Beachbody Challenge

Beachbody Challenge Should you take the Beachbody Challenge?  ABSOLUTELY!  You have nothing to lose (except some body fat), and EVERYTHING to gain!  It’s totally free to “take the Beachbody Challenge”.  And you are in the running for lots of cool prizes = $500 daily winners $1000 monthly winners $5000 quarterly winners (plus a paid trip) $100,000 grand prize That’s not exactly chump...
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Commitment I am finding out lately from talking with others and answering questions from team members that there is a real issue with COMMITMENT!  I personally understand the problem as most people can talk about doing something about their fitness, watch infomercials and relate to the people they see and maybe even buy the product with the best of intentions; however unless you do...
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Spring GooBurner Team Challenge!

Spring GooBurner Team Challenge! Attention GooBurners — everyone who is wishing and hoping to “look good” in a bathing suit this summer, who is looking for some motivation to get you going, who is struggling with their workouts and/or nutrition, who just needs to get back on track, the GooBurner’s Spring Challenge is about to start!!!!! There is NO REASON anyone out there reading this can’t be in the...
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How to Get Fat

How to Get Fat For those of you dying to know the secret formula for getting fat and staying fat, you are in luck!  These are the top 10 ways to reach your obesity goals!  I wish I’d come up with this list on my own, but I borrowed it from a very informative article from Livestrong.  And I can vouch that this list is accurate, because as I think back to how I used to behave before P90X,...
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