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New PreWorkout From Beachbody!

New PreWorkout From Beachbody!   As most of you know if you follow my post I recently discovered Pre-Workout Supplements.  I have been amazed at how using Jack3d has helped me to Bring It harder than I ever have and to start getting more and more reps out of my workouts.  As an example my pull-ups went up by 2 reps in the first week. So when I saw that Beachbody just this week came out with their own...
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Les Mill’s Pump!

Les Mill’s Pump! LES MILLS PUMP is here!  And it’s only available through the teamBeachbody coach network — like me PUMP will be available through Beachbody for purchase Jan. 4th, but before that you can get early access through me.  Just click the links at the bottom of this post to see the package options and order!  Plus, when you order through me you also get the Pump Core DVD FREE...
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Working Out In Paradise

Working Out In Paradise   If any of you have watched my transformation video (Barry’s P90X transformation) then you know that for eight years I lived on a small tropical island called Kwajalein.  Living on Kwaj you have a very active lifestyle as there are no personnel cars so you get around by riding a bike, the weather is always 78 degrees (night) to 88 degrees (daytime) and sunny, and...
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Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-Workout Supplements “Pre-workout supplements”. I had never heard of them, much less used them, before P90X.  Despite the fact that I have spent many years of my life lifting weights, I never spent much time researching supplements.  Then I finally decided to listened to the advice of my coach and tried Jack3d (a popular pre-workout N.O. booster) after a year of doing P90X.  All I can say is...
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Gift of Fitness

Gift of Fitness It’s that crazy time of year where we all start (or continue) shopping for our friends and families.  What better gift can you give someone than health and fitness?  And what better catalog of products and programs is there than Beachbody?  Whether someone is male or female, young or old, fat or scrawny, fit or very out of shape, there is a perfect program for them.  And...
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P90X2 at ESPN’s Mike&Mike

P90X2 at ESPN’s Mike&Mike Want to see Tony put the hosts of ESPN’s Mike and Mike through a P90X2 preview then check out the video...
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The Office Workout

The Office Workout I recently moved to a different office after working out of my home office for the past several months, so going to an office feels different now.  I have worked out of an office for most of my engineering career, but what I have found out now that I am in this “new” office is that my overall health and strength are better now and I find it hard to sit in the office working...
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Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes Galore!

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes Galore! We know it is coming.  Next week is Thanksgiving and we are already thinking about all that food. It does not have to be a negative experience, I mean I love football and good food so here are some great recipes that are healthy and good for you. Check it out! HEALTHY THANKSGIVING RECIPES CLICK...
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How to Compare Shakeology

How to Compare Shakeology Like Comparing Apples and… Tang How To Compare Shakeology Or, “How Do I Really Know If This is Worth the Money When Everything Else Costs Less?” There are many “protein shakes” and meal replacements that are less expensive than Shakeology. But  comparisons – based on the simple “protein shake” or even “health shake” are usually off the mark because of...
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Surprise! You Are Accountable

Surprise!  You Are Accountable I recently set up a Fall Challenge for the GooBurners team as I wanted to get people motivated again and for us to all share in the experience as a small dedicated team.  Nothing brings people together like struggling together on the same task as you encourage, motivate, and help each other achieve the same goal.  Having done several rounds of P90X, P90X Hybrids, and some...
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The Difference Between P90X and P90X...

The Difference Between P90X and P90X2 If you want to know what is different about the upcoming P90X2 then checkout this video from the man...
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The Holidays

The Holidays Here we go.  It is starting to get cold and we are not going outside as much and to make things worse we have the American holidays which are all built around over-eating and consuming as much candy and fatty food that you can like it is a competition to see who can get the fattest before the new year. To start the holiday season off we have Halloween.  Halloween is personally...
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Tony’s 10 Minute Trainer on Dr...

Tony’s 10 Minute Trainer on Dr. Oz Tony Horton recently went on the Dr. Oz show and did a full 10 Minute exercise with Dr.Oz. Click the link to see Tony’s special Dr.Oz 10 minute workout! TONY’S 10 MINUTE DR. OZ...
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I Wish

I Wish “I Wish, I Wish, I Wish”; I hear this all the time from people when we are talking about getting into shape.  I Wish I had a six pack, I Wish I could just lose 10 pounds, I Wish I was in better shape. It is easy to talk about what you want and to wish for things, but quite another thing to have to earn it.  What these people are saying is that they have the desire and the...
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