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Posted by Barry on Oct 29, 2010

My Insanity Review

Insanity is probably the most intense cardio workout routine I’ve ever done, and I’ve done a lot of conditioning over the years.  Nothing like this though!  It’s crazy!  …. Actually, it’s “Insane”!

I started using Insanity as a way to substitute a more intense cardio experience into my P90X routine, and that’s the way I recommend using it.  I wouldn’t recommend using Insanity as a stand-alone program (my personal opinion – I know others who disagree).  The reason is that for 63 days I would be doing nothing but cardio, with no lifting.  Insanity is definitely the best way to shred fat, but all cardio and no lifting can cause a loss of muscle mass (think distance runner / cyclist / etc.), and I like the more muscular, ripped look for myself.  Thus, I don’t want a cardio-only program.  With that said, I absolutely LOVE Insanity and highly recommend it for substituting the P90X cardio routines and for creating a hybrid with P90X (I am currently doing one right now).

The cardio is super intense.  You will be left drenched in sweat, heart racing, and feeling like you’ve done the impossible when you finish one of these workouts.  It’s an awesome feeling!  My heart rate goes over 180 for much of the workout.

It’s not only a physical challenge, but a mental one!  You’ve got to be ready to DIG DEEP on your Insanity days or you’ll never make it!!  If you feel like the P90X cardio routines aren’t pushing you hard enough, this is your answer!

One other thing I’ll mention is that there is a deluxe version of the Insanity workout, which includes 3 more DVD’s.  One is an upper body weight lifting routine, which I really like (I use it in my hybrid workout as a lift day).  There is also a CRAZY hard ab routine (Insane Abs) that lasts over 30 minutes!  (OUCH!).  Plus, there’s a fun sports interval routine that might be the funnest cardio routine yet if you have a sports background and like sports related drills.  Check them out before you buy the base package because I think those 3 extra DVD’s are well worth the price difference.

Post your thoughts below in the comment section if you’ve tried Insanity, or if you have questions about it.

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