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Posted by Barry on Nov 12, 2010

My P90X Plus Review

For those of you who have been checking Goo Burner, I have been reviewing some of my favorite Beachbody workout programs.  I always say the same thing: P90X is by far my favorite stand-alone program.  If you are going to do one and just one program, I think it MUST be P90X.  That has it all (lifting, cardio, nutrition, and is repeatable indefinitely).  However, if you are looking for something to help keep it interesting and want to work in new more challenging workouts then the other programs are great.  Variety is the spice of life!

P90X Plus is a set of workouts designed for P90X graduates.  The workouts are shorter (45 minutes or so), and the exercises are more synergistic (meaning they involve multiple muscle groups).  The lifts are all for time rather than reps, so it’s not as good for bulk muscle building as the classic P90X (as I used in the Maximum Mass P90X Hybrid).  With P90X Plus, my heart rate gets real high and I get a big calorie burn while still pushing the muscles with the lifts.  It’s a great change-up to the classic P90X style.

There are 5 workouts.  Upper Body Plus and Total Body Plus are the lift workouts.  I like both of these very much and have used them in my current hybrid workout.  I use the Upper Body Plus as one of my lift days, and I use Total Body Plus as a recovery week workout (it’s like an advanced version of Core Synergistics).

The Abs / Core Plus is a great Ab workout, but is much more technically difficult than Ab Ripper X.  All exercises target the abs, but you rotate between hanging (using the pull-up bar), standing, plank, and on the ground.  They really burn the core and abs!  I have only used this workout a few times in my current hybrid as my family works out with me a lot and it is just too difficult for most of my family.  Once they graduate from P90X I plan to work it in more often.

The Interval X is a really fun HIIT workout, in which you go through a series of 1 minute exercises at three different speeds (slow, medium, fast).  It’s a great, Insanity-type, cardio workout. Again, this workout is one that I do on a regular basis and my family (especially the wife) really like this one as one of our “cardio days”.

The last workout is Kenpo Cardio Plus.  One of my favorite cardio routines in P90X is the Kenpo X workout. I like all the punching and kicking and I always get a good sweat while keeping my mind occupied with the kenpo moves.  So it is not a surprise that I also like the Kenpo Cardio Plus.  It turns it up a notch and is more of the great Kenpo workout.

I will also warn you that it gets annoying to hear Tony constantly plug the “Bowflex Selectech dumbells” that they use throughout the workouts.  There must have been some marketing agreement between Bowflex and Beachbody on this one, because it gets pretty obnoxious!!  ”Thank you Bowflex”.  ”These Selectech dumbbells really get the job done”.  Don’t get me wrong I have a set of the 1090 Select Techs and absolutely love them, but to hear Tony plugging them so much gets old.  Oh, and then there’s the way Tony keeps making an “X” with his arms and then doing a clicking sound while rotating the “X” into a “+” for P90X +.  Can you say CORNY!!  But then again, Tony being corny is part of what makes the workouts fun, right!!??

In conclusion, I use all of the P90X Plus workouts in my Hybrid workout, but I don’t do a stand-alone P90X Plus routine.  They are a great way to supplement and customize your P90X routine.  There is no nutrition guide.   It’s assumed that users of this program are already very familiar with the P90X nutrition guide.  The workouts are GREAT though, and very different from the classic P90X.  So if you are looking to “change it up” and get some new challenges these disks are for you.

To learn more click the link below:

P90X Plus

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