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Posted by Barry on Oct 22, 2010

My P90X Review

What is P90x?  In my opinion, it is the BEST overall home fitness program ever developed.  Why?  Because it works!  Period!  (*Disclaimer — it works if you DO IT!!)  This program is so good that even when I travel to a hotel and have the option of using a weight room, I go to the effort of bringing my stuff to do P90X, rather than use the weight and cardio machines.  It’s really that good!

As a former athletic, active lifestyle guy in my youth, I went through a lot of lifting and conditioning over the years, and I’ve done the gym membership thing.  The problem with the gym membership “thing” is that there is no real direction.  You are left to pick and choose your own routine, which usually doesn’t lead to the type of body transformation you were hoping for, and leads to plateaus and burnout.  Then that gym membership card starts collecting dust.  At least that was my experience!

With P90X, you get everything you need to transform your body.  You get first-class lifting workouts, which build every muscle group you can imagine (and some you didn’t even imagine!).  Since the lift routines are circuit style (minimal rest between exercises), you get a huge calorie burn as well (I burn approximately 900 calories per lifting workout, with my heart rate going over 170 several times.  That’s intense for a lifting workout!)  You also get good cardio routines to burn additional fat and tone your body (I burn over 1,000 calories on PlyoX).  It’s all put together for you into a routine that is constantly changing things up to keep you stimulated, both physically and mentally.  It never gets “boring”!

Most importantly, included with the program you get a first-class nutrition guide to make sure you are fueling your body for success with the program.  It can be catered to meet your particular needs, whether it be losing body fat, building muscle mass, or both.  Beachbody also provides an extensive line of supplements to fit your particular needs and goals as you go through P90X.

When you receive P90X, you will receive 12 DVD’s, along with a Fitness Guide and Nutrition Guide. The Fitness Guide has about 100 pages that go into great detail about each of the workouts and how to do the exercises. The Nutrition Guide is a comprehensive 3 phase guide that explains how, what, and when to eat.

Once you begin the program, you’re quickly going to realize why the program is so effective! For one thing, you are going to be extremely sore during the first few weeks! I know I was! When Beachbody talks about muscle confusion, they aren’t kidding!

I started the program at 218 lbs and 29% body fat.  When day 90 rolled around, I had lost a total of 30 lbs and 10% body fat, and was in the best shape of my life!  I still can’t believe how amazing the results are with P90X!

People literally could not believe my transformation, and immediately wanted to know what I did. I told them that “if you are able to commit yourself to this program that you too could get into the best shape of your life!” If you’re one of those people who are tired of being out of shape and ready for a change, click below to try P90X today! It worked for me and it can for you too!

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