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Posted by Barry on Aug 24, 2011

P90X2 Clips!

Beachbody has been releasing short clips of each of the workouts in the upcoming P90X2 program.

If you haven’t watched the video clips, check them out below, and I think you’ll get even more excited for the debut of the new standard in fitness programs … P90X2!!


PAP Upper

PAP Lower

X2 Core

The pre-order date is still tentatively scheduled for September 1st, but there have been some behind-the-scenes rumblings that the pre-order date may get bumped back a bit. There is also the issue of supply / demand, and it looks like demand will be through the roof. I’ll keep you updated, and you can rest assured that just as soon as P90X2 is available for pre-order, I’ll have links and alerts all over the place — this website, FB, Twitter, etc. I don’t want my GooBurners to miss out on getting the first copies!

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