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Posted by Barry on May 15, 2013

Product Review: Muscletech Premium Whey Protein


If you are like me you have to work hard to get enough protein in your daily nutrition to stay on the Fat Shredder plan.  To refresh your memory the Fat Shredder is when 50 % of your daily calories are protein, 30 percent carbs, and 20 % fat.  Of course the daily amount of calories is as follows depending on your height and sex.


6′ and above = 1900-2200 cals per day.

5’6 – 5’11″ = 1700-1900 cals per day.

less than 5’6″ = 1500 cals per day.


5’6 and above = 1200-1400 per day.

less than 5’6″ = 1000-1200 per day.

So to make sure I get my 50 percent I have to add a protein powder to my daily intake and the one I tried recently was Muscletech Premium Whey Protein in the 5lb bag from Sam’s Club.  I looked up the Muscletech brand and discovered that it is a well-known and popular brand and that their protein powder got a lot of good reviews.  I also found out that Sam’s Club is the cheapest place to get it and we are all looking for the cheapest way to get quality products.

The powder has a high protein level as you get 20g of protein, 1g of fat, 0 trans fat, and 0g of aspartame per scoop.  The taste is really good which is a surprise as most protein powders taste very chalky, but this one taste so good that my daughter even uses it to make her “Shakeology balls” by replacing Chocolate Shakeology with the Muscletech protein powder.  This of course happened when we ran out of Chocolate Shakeology so she tried the Musletech and the taste of the balls was good.

So to sum it up I really like the Muscletech protein powder.  It is a good high quality protein, has a good taste, and is very affordable.  So if you are like me and trying to find a way to increase your protein intake without adding a lot of calories Muscletech is an excellent choice.

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