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You have 6 options = Base kit (DVD or Blu-Ray), Deluxe Kit (DVD or Blu-Ray), and Ulitmate Kit (DVD or Blu-Ray)

**You also have the option to order the “Advanced Workout Package” as a separate order, which will get you the 2 extra P90X2 workouts (V Sculpt and Chest / Shoulders / Tris).

BASE KIT =  12 workouts, the workout guide, the nutrition guide, and a workout calendar.  Everything you need but without any additional equipment and without the 2 extra X2 workouts (V Sculpt and Chest/Shoulders/Tris)


(You choose DVD or Blu-Ray at checkout)

DVD = $119.85

BLU-RAY = $149.85

DELUXE KIT =  everything in the base kit PLUS you get the 2 bonus X2 workouts, two medicine balls (8 pounders), a smooth foam roller, and the new BB stability ball (which has some weight and structure to it).


(choose DVD or Blu-Ray at checkout)

DVD = $239.85

BLU-RAY = $299.85

ULTIMATE KIT = everything in the deluxe kit PLUS you get a better, more aggressive foam roller and the Powerstands.


(choose DVD or Blu-Ray at checkout)

DVD = $299.85

BLU-RAY = $359.85

With the deluxe kit and the ultimate kit, you get 2 additional P90X2 workouts (V-Sculpt X2 and Chest / Shoulders / Tris X2). These 2 workouts are not included with the base kit. However, you CAN order those 2 workouts separately!  SEE BELOW:

ADVANCED WORKOUT PACKAGE = the V-Sculpt X2 and Chest Shoulders Tris X2 workouts.

The 2 Advanced Workouts may not end up being available for pre-order until BB ships the kits out in early December.  If they become available for pre-order, I will add them here.  But if not, you can simply order them directly in December.  This isn’t really an issue since these workouts would not be used for at least the first month or two that you were doing P90X2, so getting them immediately isn’t a concern.  But I will update you if anything changes.  I know they will be available to buy separately, but they may just end up not being available for pre-order.

DVD = $59.90

BLU-RAY = $64.90

There will also be other P90X2 items available for regular ordering in the near future (equipment like the medicine balls, foam rollers, and stability balls).  None of them are available during this pre-order time, and prices have not been set on those separate items

– Shipping and handling will be FREE for all pre-orders.

– Everyone who orders through their BB coach will receive 2 bonus workout DVD’s from the Tony Horton 1-on-1 series (4 Legs and Upper Body Balance).  So order through my links above and you’ll get these 2 extra 1-on-1 workouts!

–Those who pre-order will be eligible for several prizes, including a personal trip from Tony Horton to deliver your copy of P90X2 to your house! That’s pretty cool!

– P90X2 will ship before Christmas on all pre-orders, in a first come/first serve manner (exact date not set yet).

– Your credit card that you use to pre-order won’t be charged until the order ships.

– There is a completely new nutrition guide that not only takes the original concepts to new levels, but there are also alternative options to optimize the nutrition for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free diets. There are basically 27 diet guides in 1 now!

– The equipment needed can be modified. You can do the entire workout with just bands and furniture if needed (like the original P90X), but you’ll also be able to really get the most out of the workouts with some additional items (medicine balls, a stability ball, a foam roller, powerstands, dumbbells, and a pullup bar).

– The list of DVD’s is:

  1. How to Bring it Again (Introductory session)
  2. X2 Core
  3. Plyocide
  4. X2 Recovery + Mobility
  5. X2 Total Body
  6. X2 Yoga
  7. Balance + Power
  8. X2 Chest, Back, and Balance
  9. X2 Shoulders and Arms
  10. Base and Back
  11. PAP Lower
  12. PAP Upper
  13. X2 Ab Ripper
  14. V Sculpt**
  15. X2 Chest / Shoulders / Tris**

– There is a limit of 3 for pre-ordering.