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Club Membership

Q:  Should I become a Club Member?

A: My answer is that it depends.  If you are going to be buying any products, supplements, or equipment, then definitely sign up for the Club Membership.  It’s cheap ($2.99 per week), and you save 10% on everything you buy.  There’s actually some other very nice perks too, like access to a customized meal plan and access to VIP areas with the celebrity trainers.  If you have no intention of buying Beachbody products and have a good handle on the nutrition plan, save your $2.99 and stay with the free membership.

Q: How do I sign up to be a Club Member?

A: Click Here!

Q: What are the benefits of being a Club Member?

A: The biggest benefits of the Club Membership in my opinion are:

  • 10% discount on fitness programs, gear, and supplements.
  • Full access to Beachbody TV, including exclusive Trainer Tips, Healthy Eating Tips, Style Tips, and Lifestyle Tips.
  • VIP access to our celebrity Trainers. Watch their videos, ask them questions, and read their motivational articles.
  • Chat live with your favorite Trainers in the exclusive VIP Chatroom.
  • Personalized meal plans and delicious recipes.

Q: How much does it cost to be a Club Member?

A: It’s just $2.99 per week, billed $38.87 each quarter. You will also receive a free gift valued at $20.00!