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Coach Training

For those of you at Goo Burner who are new coaches … or thinking of becoming coaches … these training videos are for YOU!!! Beachbody doesn’t want a bunch of coaches running around who don’t know where to go from the point they sign up.  They … and I … want you to hit the ground running, letting your passion for the programs and your desire to help others succeed translate into a very successful coaching opportunity for you.

If you are serious about doing things right, following the plan, and getting the fulfillment of helping others while growing your own business, then spend the time to go through the training.  I’ve linked some very helpful videos below that EVERY COACH should become familiar with!

1) Decide — For Potential Coaches (This video presents the coaching opportunity and lays out the basics of getting into the coaching business).  Great for prospects and new coaches.

2) The Presentation — For Potential Coaches AND New Coaches (This video is 25 min, and is a more in depth look at the demographics of obesity and how WE can be a part of the solution. It also explains why helping others get fit is such a great opportunity right now, and how Beachbody makes it easy to get started and have financial success.)

3) Coaching Success Stories — For Potential Coaches AND New Coaches. Hear from those who have blazed the trail ahead of you and let it motivate you!

4) How coaching is not just a way to become financially successful, but to help change others’ lives! — For Potential Coaches AND New Coaches

5) This webinar (49 minutes) lays out the Beachbody coaching opportunity in more detail for those who want more specifics. For Potential Coaches AND New Coaches

6) ”Let’s Get Started” (Intro for New Coaches who just signed up)

7) “How to Do It” (for New Coaches who have just signed up)

8) “How to Earn” (for New Coaches who have just signed up)

**And don’t forget that in your teambeachbody coach office, under the “News & Training” tab, click “What’s New” and you will have access to the weekly National Coaches Call, the message of the month, and all sorts of webinars and calls. You NEVER have the excuse that you don’t have access to great tips and training. It’s EVERYWHERE in your back office!! Take advantage of it! Learn from the best!