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Introducing Team Beachbody

Most of you already know a little something about P90X, or Insanity, or Shakeology.  But do you know what Beachbody is really all about?  Do you know what the mission of this company is, and how we, as successful users of their products, can help those around us reach their goals and live healthy, fulfilling lives?  Did you know that Carl Diakeler (the CEO) recognizes how valuable we are in helping and encouraging those we care about that he has put together some incredible incentives for us to join with him in spreading the mission of the company = To help others reach their goals and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

It’s not just about an opportunity to make money.  It’s about an opportunity to change lives, give people hope, and partner with others to help them achieve goals they never thought possible by believing in them! 

Do you have friends / family / neighbors who you know would benefit from a nutrition and fitness program?  Watch this video!  And give them the link to this video so they can see for themselves that there is a better way!  A REAL way to get out of the rut and get on the right track — both with their fitness and their finances!  

For the rest of 2010, Beachbody has waived the $39 sign up fee to become a coach, so it’s free to get started.

The wave is coming in January, with all the New Year’s Resolutions.  Beachbody is ready to meet the demand with new fitness programs, new supplements, and a coaching team in place to mentor these new customers.  Are you ready to ride the wave?  If you want to take the lead in your family / neighborhood / work / school / church, and you want to show those you care about how to reach their goals, you already are a coach!  Make it official and sign up!

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