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Posted by Barry on Jan 8, 2012

New PreWorkout From Beachbody!


As most of you know if you follow my post I recently discovered Pre-Workout Supplements.  I have been amazed at how using Jack3d has helped me to Bring It harder than I ever have and to start getting more and more reps out of my workouts.  As an example my pull-ups went up by 2 reps in the first week.

So when I saw that Beachbody just this week came out with their own pre-workout supplement Energy and Endurance then I was excited.  I have ordered it and plan to write a review once I have had a chance to try it out.

So why try Beachbody pre-workout when I like Jack3d?  As with most supplements you need to cycle off of them every two months or so and I will be looking for something to use.  I also have been trying different supplements for almost two years now and I continually find that the Beachbody supplements are better and better for me than most of the big name supplements.  They are not only committed to giving us the best possible supplements, but are also trying to make them from healthy natural ingredients.

So if you are considering a pre-workout then give it a try.  I will let you know what I think about it soon.

Want to Try Out Energy and Endurance?

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