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Posted by Barry on Feb 13, 2012

Tropical Shakeology

Valentine’s Day is the official release date of the newest flavor of Shakeology — Tropical Strawberry Vegan!


You all know that I’ve been a daily Shakeology user for almost two years now, and it’s completely changed my health.  I am never sick, I feel great all the time, I have energy, and it’s the perfect cornerstone to my healthy nutrition plan.  Everyone in my family and most of my friends use Shakeology as well, and they are experiencing the same health changes I am.

That’s why I’m so excited for the new Tropical Shakeology!   Not only is it another flavor to add to the two we already have so we have more variety, but it is also perfect for those on a vegan diet, or those who cannot tolerate whey protein or animal/dairy based products.

So without further ado let me fill you in on what Tropical Shakeology is all about …

The new Tropical flavor is a great compliment to Chocolate.  I love the Chocolate, but I’m excited for a change of pace to add variety.  I seem to be in the minority as I like the Greenberry, but most people do not seem to be a fan so I’m looking very forward to my family trying Tropical.  The new Tropical WILL NOT be available in assortment packs like the Chocolate/Greenberry.  Eventually, when BB launches a vegan formulation of Chocolate and Greenberry, assortment packs for all three will likely be offered.   But for now, since this is the only vegan flavor, it’s a stand-alone option.

Part of making Tropical Shakeology completely VEGAN means finding unique (and expensive) protein alternatives to whey isolate.  Beachbody has secured the absolute best protein blend, from entirely plant sources, to make Tropical Shakeology.  The protein used is raw, sprouted, bio-fermented brown rice.  It’s expensive stuff, but so worth it!  It has all 9 essential amino acids and gives the perfect balance for a nutritional supplement.  And unlike most other plant based proteins, this formulation is not grainy or chalky.

The Tropical Shakeology will carry a $10 price increase over the Chocolate and Greenberry (to partially offset the much higher cost of the rare plant protein sources used).  This means a retail price of $129.95 for customers and a coach price of $97.46 for those with coach accounts.  I can assure you though, after finding out from my coach Wayne who visited with Carl Diakeler (CEO of Beachbody) and they discussed the new flavor that we are getting a phenomenal deal on this product.  Beachbody’s margin on Shakeology was already lower than that of any of their competitors, and the $10 price increase on Tropical doesn’t even begin to cover the true added expense of the formulation improvements.  Shakeology is expensive because the stuff in it is the best stuff on the planet, and it’s not processed, extracted, or tampered with in any way.  It’s the way nature intended it to be.

And since Shakeology doesn’t use man-made versions or extracts of these awesome food sources, the nutrition is bio-available and more easily absorbed by your body.  In fact, that’s why you may have noticed from time to time that your Shakeology (all flavors) can taste slightly different from bag to bag — it’s because you are eating real whole foods, that have some taste variation from crop to crop.  That’s the beauty of Whole Food Nutrition.

I have already ordered some Tropical Shakeology for myself and my family as the links went up a day early ( I put it out on the team Fscebook page as soon as I found out).  So you can go ahead and order it at anytime.  Also remember that Beachbody has a “bottom of the bag” guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and nothing to risk by getting your own supply to see what it will do for your health and nutrition for a full 30 days!


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