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Posted by Barry on Jun 24, 2013

Vanilla Shakeology is Here!



Also, from now until July 7th, there is NO SHIPPING fee for all Vanilla Shakeology orders (both one time orders as well as Home Direct orders).

If you already have an order for Shakeology and want to switch your flavor to vanilla, you can make that happen by calling coach relations at 1-800-240-0913.

I have ordered my bag as my whole family is anxious to try the new flavor as we all use Shakeology every day.

Some of you may remember that Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody, has said before that Beachbody wouldn’t make a Vanilla Shakeology because all of the vanilla flavoring on the market is artificial and goes against the pure and natural standards that go into every bag of Shakeology.  However, all along, since the original chocolate Shakeology came out 5 years ago, the team of researchers at Beachbody have been looking for a natural way to get a pure vanilla flavor that would taste amazing without artificial and synthetic flavoring.  Well, as Carl himself said, “we’ve cracked the code!”

Every other vanilla flavored shake on the market uses artificial flavoring to achieve the vanilla taste.  Carl wouldn’t allow Shakeology to go that route because it’s the gold standard of health, and he wouldn’t compromise or cut corners.  It took nearly 5 years of R&D, and the whole time people were calling for a vanilla option.  But the wait was so worth it.  We now have an amazing Vanilla Shakeology that is 100% natural, pure, and full of the most potent superfoods the world has ever known.


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