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Posted by Barry on Jan 30, 2012

Spring GooBurner Team Challenge!

Attention GooBurners — everyone who is wishing and hoping to “look good” in a bathing suit this summer, who is looking for some motivation to get you going, who is struggling with their workouts and/or nutrition, who just needs to get back on track, the GooBurner’s Spring Challenge is about to start!!!!!

There is NO REASON anyone out there reading this can’t be in the best shape of their life as the weather starts to turn warm and we start wearing our beach clothes as long as I have your total commitment.

What is the GooBurner Spring Challenge?  It’s you and me, step for step, for the next 90 days.  Doing your favorite workout every day.  Taking your supplements every day.  Being accountable every day.  I found out over the fall that having a team challenge not only makes the workouts more fun, but it helped to inspire, motivate, and help keep each other on track! The trick is that we are now a team, we do everything like a team — we all workout on the same day, we are all totally accountable on diets and supplements, and we encourage and motivate each other daily!!!!!

Here are the rules for the GooBurner Spring Challenge, and THESE ARE DIFFERENT FROM THE FALL CHALLNEGE SO READ THEM!

  • Start your workout program (my wife is doing P90X, my son is doing Insanity, one of my daughters is doing Turbo Fire, I will do P90X with some P90X2 mixed in) whatever one you want to do (It can be a hybrid or your local gym time mixed in just as long as you are working out) on Monday February 6th and commit to doing every workout for the next 90 days with no exceptions.


  • Take Shakeology every day.  This is the cornerstone of my nutrition plan.


  • Follow the nutrition plan to meet your goals (fat loss, muscle building, both).  Nutrition is 80% of the results and I won’t let you undermine your results with poor or mediocre nutrition. If you do not know what to eat on your program follow the P90X diet.  Information is at the following links.   What I ate for Round 1    P90x Nutrition


  • Join and participate DAILY in our private facebook group, “Spring GooBurners”.  This will be a private group where you must be accountable to report your workout, how you did on the nutrition, and what you are struggling with. This is where you will get the support and team feeling so try and make an effort to post something every day!


If you don’t do Facebook then get on for this challenge!  It is a private page and only you and your team members will see what you post.  This is the part that makes you work out when you feel like “blowing it off” as you know me and your teammates will know if you are slacking or not!

This Spring GooBurner challenge isn’t for everyone.  It’s focused and targeted, and that’s on purpose so we all look and feel better for the summer!  It’s an exclusive club whose only members will be people who agree to commit for the next 90 days. This is for people who are ready to change their life.

I will start P90X (with my wife) on February 6th, drink my Shakeology for breakfast, and never skip a workout for the next 90 days.  I will be constantly plugged into the Spring GooBurner’s private FB page for the next 90 days. Are you gonna join me and my family?

If you are ALL IN, friend me on FB (Barry Colclough) ( ) and ask to be added to the Spring GooBurners.  YOU CAN DO IT!!!

My son, daughter, and wife have already decided to join me in this challenge so we already have four of us on the team!  JOIN US and get in the kind of shape you have been wishing for!


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