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Posted by Barry on Oct 9, 2012

The New BeachBody Challenge

Beachbody Challenge – As if getting in shape wasn’t enough of a prize, Beachbody offers you cash for getting fit! Each and every day, Team Beachbody gives away $500 cash to one member of Team Beachbody. As a part of the GooBurner’s Team, you are already a TBB member. So what can you do to make sure you are eligible for the Beachbody Challenge‘s daily prizes? There have been some changes, so let me tell you how the new system works.

Under the old system, the Beachbody Challenge daily winner was chosen at random. You had to log your workouts and have a profile, but beyond that it was just a lottery system. That has now changed! The Beachbody Challenge daily winners are now picked based on merit. You have to do a little more work, but the winners will be the ones that earn it, no more random chance.

What you need to do for the Beachbody Challenge

To take part in the Beachbody Challenge, you need to be a TBB member (if you are a part of the GooBurners, you are already a member). A free account is just as good as a Club account. You have to full out all the required info on your profile page (full name, email, address, phone number, etc.).  To get your free teambeachbody account and join our team, CLICK HERE.

Then you need to make an official Beachbody Challenge submission! To do this, head over to Here you will need to submit the necessary items like photographs, essay questions, personal body stats, and even a question about your coach (make sure you make me look good!). This is really how the Daily giveaways have changed. Normally you would have only entered the Beachbody Challenge if you wanted a shot at the Monthly prizes and even the year-end Grand Prize. Now, by entering the Beachbody Challenge you are entered for daily prizes of $500. If you are picked, you know it is because of your hard work! You can also re-enter each month for a chance at the Daily prizes.  So if you don’t win, don’t give up.  Keep pushing play, and enter again!

The really cool thing about these changes are that there will be MUCH FEWER people eligible for daily prizes, so if you put in the work, you have a much better chance of winning.  Before, when all you had to do was click a button, there were thousands of people in the mix.  Now that the Beachbody Challenge is based on your actual progress and results, it puts the payoff where it should be!

By joining the Beachbody Challenge, you are also entered to win the Monthly, Quarterly, and Grand Prizes. Don’t worry if you think that you don’t have a great transformation either. The Daily winners are judged on the following criteria (taken from the official Beachbody Challenge rules):

Essay Question Answers (90%): The essay question answers will be judged as follows:

Inspirational Story (45%): Forty-Five Percent of the overall judging score will be based
on the inspirational nature of your true and unique transformation story, including the originality,
creativity and expressiveness of your transformation process.

Compelling Story (45%): Forty-Five Percent of the overall judging score will be based
on the compelling nature of your transformation story, including: (i) how Beachbody programs
have impacted your life and improved your health, well-being, energy, confidence; and (ii) the
personal obstacles and sacrifices you may have overcome in achieving your transformation,
including discussing your personal journey and the achievement you are most proud of
(including any exercise regimens and dietary changes you made).

Statistics (10%): Ten Percent of the overall judging score will be based on the overall healthiest
transformation result as evidenced by statistical changes (weight loss, muscle gain,

So what is there to lose? Enter your results and keep entering them! Show them what you’ve done and maybe you’ll be getting a check for $500, $1,000, $5,000 or even $100,000! And to think, it’s all because you wanted to lose your goo!

What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to Enter the Beachbody Challenge today!

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