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Posted by Barry on Jun 3, 2013

Alex’s Summer Hybrid


As my daughter continues to improve her health and fitness (she is finishing up a round of Insanity to get ready for the family vacation in another week) she is already planning on what she would like to do when she gets back from vacation.  So this summer we have a four week hybrid that my daughter has put together to help her with her strength and athletic performance as her competition cheerleading practices have already started (the gymnastics never stopped).

She had a few goals as we put together this hybrid.  She wanted to improve her strength, balance, and overall athletic performance.  She also wanted to make it fun and exciting so she was going to incorporate some of her “favorite” routines.  Here is a list of the routines we will be doing and where they are from.  The actual layout of what to do on what day is below the list.

X Trainer                        Insanity Asylum 2

Ab Ripper 2                    P90X2

Chest Back & Balance       P90X2

Gameday                        Insanity Asylum 1

YogaX                             P90X

Speed & Agility               Insanity Asylum 1

V Sculpt                          P90X2

Total Body                      P90X2

Bulk Legs                        Body Beast

Ab Ripper                        P90X

30 – 15                            Tony Horton One on Ones

Championship                   Insanity Asylum 2

YogaX2                            P90X2

Pure Cardio                      Insanity

Shoulders & Arms             P90X2

Base & Back                     P90X2


Week 1&2

Mon                Tues                Wed                Thurs              Fri                   Sat                   Sun

X                   Chest&Back      GameDay             YogaX            Speed&            V Sculpt            Total

Trainer            &Balance                                                       Agility                                     Body

Ab Rip 2

Week 3&4

Mon                Tues                Wed                Thurs              Fri                   Sat                   Sun

Bulk               30 – 15         Championship         YogaX2         Pure Cardio      Shoulders             Base

Legs                                                                                                      &Arms X2            &Back

Ab Rip 1


So here is a great example of not only setting up a workout that will give you results, but also keeps it fun and interesting.  Please feel free to join in and I will be putting up Alex’s hybrid on the team website for download.

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