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Posted by Barry on May 22, 2013

Be Smart


As I have continued to improve in my overall health and fitness I have set new goals and continued to push myself to get better.  You may have seen some of my hybrids that I have put up on the website and been following me as of late as I work to get “beach ready”.  The workout routine that I have been doing recently is a hybrid that has Body Beast, Insanity, and Asylum as its main focus with some one-on-ones thrown in at certain times.

Quite often I have lifted in the morning with Body Beast and then done Insanity or Asylum with my daughters at night.  Now doing two-a-days is something I am for if you are feeling good and want to ‘turn it up a notch” especially if you are doing it like I am with one workout being lifting and one being cardio.   However you have to “Be Smart” and not overdo it or start to wear your body out.  This is when the phrase “listen to your body” comes into play as once you get to “Bringing It” like I have been for a while now you are more use to pushing through then backing off.

So when I started to get the warning signs that I was wearing down my body such as a little shoulder tweak that was always there on the heavy lifts, my left hamstring tightened up during Insanity one night, and then finally after a Max Plyo and all the jumping my lower back tightened up I got the message loud and clear and decided to Be Smart.

First I took a day off.  The only way to let your body repair and recover is to get plenty of rest and to stop stressing it.  Next I did yoga and Asylum Relief for the next two days.  That is right I did yoga and stretched.  As you might have guessed I was feeling much better with the hamstring tweak now gone and my lower back feeling good again.  So I decided to do a little light lifting.  I started back by dropping down on how much I was lifting and working more on form and upping the number of repetitions.  After five days I felt great again and was ready to get back to pushing hard again, but also being smart about it.  If I am going to do several two-a-days in a week then I am going to make sure I add in some yoga or stretching.

So as you get to a point in your workout routine where you are working so hard that your body starts to show signs of breaking down (I don’t mean that you are just really sore or a little tired) then Be Smart and back off a little and add in more stretching and yoga (notice I did not say stop working out).  It will keep you from getting injured and also help you to continue to improve.

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