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Posted by Barry on Dec 3, 2013

Certified Insane

2013-11-10 Insanity Certification

Most of you may know that I went up to Tennessee last month for the Insanity certification class.  I was not sure what to expect.  I had done a couple of rounds of Insanity with my daughters and knew that the program was intense, so I expected the certification to be tough.  I was not really looking to be an instructor and was taking the class to help myself to continue to grow and learn about physical activity and how to help people get fit.

The class did not disappoint as it was tough, but it was also a lot of fun.  The class was very informative and we went through all of the information about how to teach the class properly from going through the format, the fit test, how to modify moves, and how the body works and responds to the physical activity.

When the day was over we had done a full 50 minute class, complete fit test, done several test runs with each of us taking turns running a mock class and basically had worn myself out.  The final task of the day was to take the certification exam, which you find out later if you passed the class and are certified.

I’m happy to announce that I did pass and I am a certified Insanity instructor.  I had discussed my going and getting certified with a friend of mine that had opened a gym a year ago about bringing an Insanity class to her gym.  We decided to set up a test run class and everyone seemed to enjoy the class and also most were impressed with how tough it was.  We are now planning on starting a regular class in January.

So even though I did not get certified with the intent to start teaching Insanity, you never know where life will take you as you continue to learn and grow and step outside your comfort zone.

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