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Posted by Barry on Oct 10, 2011

Fall GooBurner Team Challenge

Attention GooBurners — everyone who has been dogging it, slacking off, floundering, struggling with their workouts and/or nutrition, just needs to get back on track, or is ready to try P90X for the first time:

I’m calling you out!  Are you satisfied with the effort you’ve made toward your health and fitness? I didn’t think so!  Until now, you’ve had GooBurner as a place to tap in, but now I’m taking it another step.  I’m saying “COME ON!  IT’S TIME TO GO!!”

There is NO REASON anyone out there reading this can’t be in the best shape of their life as they move into 2012.  We have 90 days.  I must have your total commitment.

What is the GooBurner Fall Challenge?  It’s you and me, step for step, for the next 90 days.  Same workouts every day.  Same supplements every day.  Accountability every day.  It’s not going to be easy, but you’ll be a new person in 90 days.  I’ll see to it!  I found out last spring the power of a team challenge.   Those who were brave enough to commit to it are never the same again.  The bonds we formed during my spring classes were so strong that we became good friends.  And we all took our fitness to levels we never thought possible.  But it wasn’t easy.  We did everything like a team — same workouts on the same day, total accountability on diets and supplements, encouragement and motivation for each other.  And we SUCEEDED!

There are some rules for the GooBurner Fall Challenge, and there are NO EXCEPTIONS!  I won’t make exceptions because that brings the team down and undermines the unity.  If you can’t follow these rules, that’s fine.  This challenge isn’t for you.  There will be others.  But everyone who wants to be part of the GooBurner Fall challenge MUST (with no exceptions):

  • Start P90X Classic on Monday October 24th and commit to doing every workout by the book for the next 90 days with no exceptions.  (Actually, I will allow one and only 1 exception here — if you have Insanity or Asylum and want to sub one of those cardio days for one of the P90X cardio days, you can do that.  But nothing else.  We will even do YOGA X together, and you know how much I do not like Yoga!)


  • Take Shakeology every day.  This is the cornerstone of my nutrition plan and I won’t budge on this rule.


  • Follow the nutrition plan to meet your goals (fat loss, muscle building, both).  Nutrition is 80% of the results and I won’t let you undermine your results with poor or mediocre nutrition. What I ate for Round 1    P90x Nutrition


  • Join and participate DAILY in our private facebook group, “Fall GooBurners”.  This will be a private group where you must be accountable to report your workout, how you did on the nutrition, and what you are struggling with. 

If you are already in the middle of P90X, that’s fine.  If you are doing an Insanity and don’t want to switch to P90X, that’s fine.  If you are doing Power 90 and not ready for P90X, that’s fine.  Stick with what you are doing.  This challenge isn’t for you.  But if you want to be part of this challenge you MUST start over Day 1 of P90X Classic on October 24th.  No exceptions (because I know that working out as a team builds unity).

If you live outside the country and can’t get Shakeology, or if you can’t afford Shakeology, that’s fine.  This challenge isn’t for you.  But everyone who wants to be part of this challenge MUST commit to using Shakeology every day (because I know that will get you max results).

If you disagree with the nutrition plans or won’t commit to 90 days, that’s fine.  Keep doing what you are doing.  This challenge isn’t for you.  But everyone who wants to go from average to FIT MUST commit to 90 straight days of total commitment to the nutrition with no exceptions (I’m going to allow a break for Thanksgiving and Christmas if you want to if not stay hard core!!).  I will ask you to follow either a fat shredder diet if you need to lose body fat, an energy booster diet if you are at a low body fat already, or a endurance maximizer diet if you are going for peak performance.

If you don’t do Facebook or won’t commit to plugging into the Fall GooBurner’s private FB page, that’s fine.  This challenge isn’t for you.  But everyone who wants to be in this challenge MUST make that commitment.

This Fall GooBurner challenge isn’t for everyone.  It’s focused and targeted, and that’s on purpose!  It’s an exclusive club whose only members will be people who agree to commit 100% to me and to do what I say for the next 90 days. This is for people who are ready to change their life.  This won’t be easy, and it’s not like the typical relationship you’ve had with me where you ask me questions but are free to do what you want.  This is strict.  This is rigid.  I will be walking right along side all of you who take the plunge and join the fall GooBurner challenge.  Whether I have 5 or 100 who commit to this, my goal is to completely change your life!  So don’t sign up unless you mean it!

I will start Chest and Back on October 24th, drink my Shakeology for breakfast, and never skip a workout for the next 90 days.  I will be constantly plugged into the Fall GooBurner’s private FB page for the next 90 days. Are you gonna join me?

Remember, I’ve already done several rounds of P90X.  I’m not doing this for me.  I’m doing this for YOU!  But I need you to commit to doing this for yourself as well.  I promise you won’t regret it!  This train leaves the station October 24th.  I want to start another challenge with P90X2 in January, and I want as many of you ready as possible!

If you are ALL IN, friend me on FB (Barry Colclough) ( ) and ask to be added to the Fall GooBurners.  But be sure you mean it!  No exceptions, and no slackers.  I don’t care if you’ve been goofing off in the past.  Your old ways end October 24th, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

My son and wife have already decided to join me in this challenge so we already have three of us on the team!  JOIN US and get in the kind of shape you have been wishing for!

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