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Posted by Barry on May 30, 2012

More Beast Info!

Check out this newly released video talking about the line of supplements that will be coming out with the Body Beast program.  Also I put a few answers to some basic questions about the program below the video.


Question #1: “When is Body Beast coming out?”

Answer: Current time frame is Summer of 2012. As soon as we have a more concrete date, you’ll be the first to know because it will be posted right here!

Question #2: “What equipment do you need?”

Answer: For Body Beast you will need dumbbells, an EZ Curl Bar with weight plates, a bench (or stability ball) and a Chin-up Bar (or resistance bands with door attachment). Beachbody will introduce an EZ Curl Bar with weight plates and a flat/incline bench with the launch of Body Beast (weight plates are interchangeable with the plates used in the Les Mills Pump program).

Question #3: “Will there be an option to buy Body Beast with or without equipment? Like X2?”

Answer: Equipment will only be sold separately, not bundled with the program.

Question #4:  “Is there going to be a mass building supplement with Body Beast?”

Answer: A new line of supplements will be released with the launch of Body Beast – the “Beachbody Extreme Nutrition” supplements. They have been specifically designed for mass building programs like Body Beast, but can also be used with any Beachbody program where muscle building is the goal, especially P90X, Insanity, Les Mills Pump and ChaLEAN Extreme®. Expect some top-shelf ingredients!

Question #5:  “How long is this program supposed to last?”

Answer: Body Beast is a 90-day program. After 90 days, you may continue with the program to keep BeastingUp!

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