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Posted by Barry on May 16, 2014

Traveling Tips


As most of you know my job requires me to travel a lot and while it can be hard to work out and follow a good nutrition plan while in a routine at home it can be a real challenge to stay motivated and eat healthy while you are flying, living in hotels, working long hours and crossing time zones.

As funny as it may sound I have developed over time a kind of “routine” that I follow when I travel to make sure I am getting my workouts in and maintain a healthy eating plan. These are little things that I have found really help me stay on track and not sacrifice my gains just because I have to travel.


I always make sure I get up early and workout for an hour no matter what time I get into a town or how late I work while I am there. When I get up is about the only thing I have control over when I travel and although sometimes I may work out on 4 hours sleep, I always seem to feel great and very rarely feel tired. Maybe because I normally get around 7-8 hours of sleep with still getting up to work out, but sometimes it just does not work out that way and I don’t use it as an excuse to skip a workout.

I usually have some control over where I stay (some remote locations do not give me a choice) and when I do I stay at a hotel with a gym that has free weights and a pull-up bar. I have found that Hilton has pretty much the same setup at all their hotels so I stay with them and know I have a gym with weights so I can lift when I want to. When I do not have a gym at the place where I am staying I have my workouts on my computer and will do Insanity or T25 which do not require any equipment and give you a great workout right in the room I am staying in.

Using just these two travel tips will make sure you always get in a good workout no matter where you are at when you travel.


This requires preplanning and being smart.

I start off first thing in the morning drinking my Shakeology (I pack how many days’ worth of Shakeology I need using the packets, a scoop of protein powder I also packed, and a shaky cup to mix it. I also like to use ice from the ice machine in it). This is followed by my E&E pre-workout and then off to the hotel gym or fire up the laptop for a room workout. After the workout I drink my R&R post-workout with another scoop of protein powder and then get ready for the work day.

If the hotel has a free breakfast I will go by and get 2-3 hardboiled eggs, a couple bananas, apple, or whatever fruit I want that day. I take these with me as something to eat as quite often we get busy and cannot get to a place to eat or the only choice is fast food in which case I am covered with something good. I also always carry protein bars in my backpack as a snack or meal to get me through until I can get where there is some real food.

As for dinner (and lunch too if you can go) a great way to make sure you eat well is to make sure you do not order anything fried. I also often order from the appetizer menu to keep the portion down especially for dinner as I do not like to eat a lot in the evening. Salads, soups, grilled or baked appetizers will provide you with plenty to eat as the typical meal order is huge at American restaurants. As for sides (if your order comes with it) make sure you get a vegetable or fruit instead of that baked potato or french fries.

Also try not to eat after 6 pm your time zone if you can. I know this is a hard one and if I eat later I make sure I keep the meal small. I know these seem strange and radical, but once you get into the flow of it and modify it as you need it will work. What you will find is that it really is not that hard to eat healthy; it just takes planning and purpose.

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