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Posted by Barry on Aug 30, 2013

What Type of Shoes to Use


Shoes are as much a vital piece of gear to your workout as is having the right weights or chin up bar.  This is interesting as most people don’t give it much thought and just use whatever old shoes they have and can end up hurting or injuring their feet or ankles.

Now there is no perfect choice that covers all the workouts as you need different shoes for P90X Plyometrics as you do for Body Beast Shoulders, but here are some of the things you should consider when looking for what kind of shoes to use.

First is what type of workouts will I be doing in the shoes? What types of lateral movement will I doing?  What are the impact (jumping) requirements?  Do I need a lot of traction as I move to keep from slipping? Then you can look for a shoe that is made to withstand the stress of the type of workout you will be doing.

Types of Shoes

Cross Trainers

These shoes aren’t specifically designed to work for one specific type of workout. They were designed to do a lot of things well, but not any one thing great. You would not want these shoes for say Basketball where the majority of our workout is jumping and lateral movement.  However these types of shoes have some lateral support, a good heal and sole, and decent weight that make them a good choice for something like P90X that covers so many different moves. In P90X you have three lifting days, one plyo (jumping) day, and potentially another cardio type day.  The Cross Trainers supply plenty of support for lifting and the needed cushion for Plyo X.

Basketball Shoes

These shoes are designed to take a lot of impact and have a lot of lateral support.  They are made for jumping, side to side movement, and have good traction.  While they are a bit of overkill for just lifting (although they have plenty of cushioning for lifting) they are perfect for the Plyo and cardio days.   These are my personal shoes of choice as they protect my knees, ankles, and feet from all the abuse of the heavy cardio days.

Running Shoes

Not the best shoes for doing the Beachbody type programs as they offer very little lateral support, but with the exception of Plyo in P90X they will get you through. For workouts like Insanity or Asylum they will not work, but they are just fine for lifting.

How to use them

Whatever shoe you decide on make sure you take good care of them. All footwear will degrade over time and won’t offer the same support as when they were new. Walking and standing in any shoe will break down the sole faster. If these are your P90X shoes, only use them for P90X! Once you wear them out by working out, then you can transition them over to another role like your lawn mowing shoes.

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