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Posted by Barry on Oct 24, 2013

Warrior Dash

X Pose Warrior Dash

Obstacle course races are a lot of fun.  I’m sure at some point you have heard of the Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, and Spartan Race series. These races are great way to use and enjoy your new level of fitness. They take place all over the United States and many of these obstacle course race series have international races as well.  A few weeks ago my family and I along with two other GooBurner teammates ran the Tennessee Warrior Dash.

My Experience with the Warrior Dash

Since none of us that went to run the Warrior Dash had any experience at running obstacle courses we were all a little nervous and did not know exactly what to expect.  We wondered if our training using P90X had properly prepared us for the race.  What we found out was that we were more than prepared for the 5K of running and obstacles and were all very pleased with how well we did.


A typical Warrior Dash is only a 5K (or 3.1 miles).  So it really comes down to what is your goal for the race. If you want to go all out, then you should definitely get in some mileage before your obstacle course race. If you’re going to have fun with a team or your friends, being able to jog a few miles is probably adequate. You’ll have plenty of time for recovery at the obstacles and you can even walk if you don’t care at all about your time.

Beachbody’s HIIT cardio workouts will give you plenty of a cardiovascular capacity to compete well in the race.  Plyometrics and any of the Insanity workouts give you the cardio power you need to get through the 5K of running.


This is where Beachbody programs really excel. The type of strength you’ll need to complete one of these obstacle course races well is exactly what you’ll build with most Beachbody programs. A good emphasis on upper body strength should be more than enough. Any program like P90X, P90X2, The Asylum, or even Body Beast should give you enough upper body strength to do plenty of pull-up type motions.

Even just losing weight with your Beachbody program will really help in any of these obstacle course races. There is always going to be strength to weight ratio for each person. As you weigh less and build/maintain muscle, things like pull-ups become easier. Running one of these races at 200 lbs and 15% body fat is going to be harder than being at 180 lbs and 10% body fat.

Core strength and stability is also a big benefit. This is where a program like P90X2 would really help you on an obstacle course race. Making sure all your accessory muscles and stabilizers are strong will make any of these courses easier to run and will also make you less prone to injury.

Race Gear

This will be tailored specifically to what obstacle course race you’re running, the weather, and what time of year the race is taking place. Here are some common examples of popular gear:

Under Armour and compression type leggings and tops

compression socks

nylon shorts (really anything quick dry)

quick dry T-shirts (Under Armour and Nike are great picks)

old shoes (unless you’re really serious and have dedicated race use)

trash bags (to take your muddy stuff home)

clean clothes (to change into after the race)


Do an Obstacle Course Race and HAVE FUN!

These are really fun events! Whether you want to go all out or just have fun, there’s a race that will meet your needs. Much of the fun is working together with the team. Get your friends together and sign up for an obstacle course race. Train hard as you always do with your Beachbody workouts and you’ll be amazed at how well they prepare you for these races. I guarantee if you run one you’ll always have a weekend to remember!

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