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Posted by Barry on Jul 13, 2012

What’s New From BeachBody

Hey GooBurners!  Today I want to pass on some breaking news on workout programs and new things coming your way.

So let’s get right to it =

1) Body Beast = Orders are being shipped! I have already gotten mine.  Body Beast will include very specific set training to recruit more muscle fibers and stimulate more natural testosterone production. This is called “Dynamic Set Training.”  The nutrition guide has some serious calories to help you bulk up, and the supplement lineup is also geared to fuel you with muscle building combinations of protein, carbs, and energy boosters.

2) Asylum Vol. 2 – Elite Training = If Vol. 1 wasn’t crazy enough, here comes The Asylum Vol. 2, Elite Training! Coming out Fall 2012. 7 brand new workouts with more professional level training to make you the best athlete you can be. Tons of speed and agility work. This is going to be INTENSE!

3) Chocolate Vegan Shakeology = A new flavor for the Ultimate vegan line of Shakeology. Dark chocolate flavors and new additions to the amazing list of super foods. More info to come, but bulk bags became available June 26th and single serving packs came out July 5th!

4) Les Mills Combat = Get ready for an MMA style workout party! Pre-orders will be open this fall and Beachbody is projecting a December 2012 release date. More great PUMP music and rhythm to push you through these intense training sessions.

5) Derm Exclusive = This popular line of skin care products has been owned by Beachbody for a while but has not been marketed as part of the teamBeachbody catalog.  Now it will be.  So you can order it directly through me as your coach and you’ll get it at a better price.  These are apparently a very high line of skin care products and you can CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

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