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Floating Fat Camp November 2015

Floating Fat Camp November 2015 From Left to Right:  Barry, Dave, Matt, John Well the fourth Floating Fat Camp in a row took its toll on the guys as we shrunk down to the four original members.  We had a job to do, made the best of it, and continued to plug away at it and were once again successful. The weight loss for the final fat...
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Turning 50

Turning 50                                   46 Years Old                                                                                   50 years Old Had a lot of fun with people telling me I am...
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One Bite at a Time

One Bite at a Time So I get the message.  For a lot of you it is just too much change at one time for you to start working out six days a week and to also change all your nutrition habits at the same time.  You feel overwhelmed and you quit shortly after you started because it is just “too much to handle”.  I know...
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I’m In the New P90X Infomercial!

I’m In the New P90X Infomercial! I was asked back in November to send in my transformation story and information for a chance to be in the new P90X Infomercial.  They told me I needed to send it in ASAP as the deadline for using material for the infomercial had passed, but that my transformation was so dramatic and inspiring that they...
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Join My Team

Join My Team Joining my team (Making me your coach): *CLICK HERE* Click on the button above to make me your coach for free!!  You will be asked to fill out a short form, setting up your free teambeachbody account. Once you do, I will immediately become your coach!  It’s free, and once you are on my roster, I will...
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