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My “Must Have” List

My “Must Have” List Coach Barry’s “Must Have” list for P90X If I had to go back in time and repeat my first round of P90X, knowing what I know now, there is a short list of items I feel I couldn’t do without.  Every one of these items, in my opinion, were critical to maximizing my results with the P90X program.  I...
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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers Have a list of Questions and Answers on: Workouts Supplements Nutrition and Diet. It is all posted under my Q&A...
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Shakeology, Is It Worth It?

Shakeology, Is It Worth It? Shakeology.   Is it worth it?  Is there anything else out there I can use instead of it?  These are the 2 most common questions I get about this product.  Let me just give you my straight up analysis and recommendations regarding Shakeology. First, I must say that I LOVE this product.  I started using...
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What Supplements I Used For Round 1

What Supplements I Used For Round 1 The following are the supplements I found that worked (through trial and error and finally getting some coaching help) for my P90X Round 1. Shakeology This is by far my favorite Beachbody supplement.  It’s got hundreds of nutrients and supplements in it that help build muscle and reduce food cravings...
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