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Posted by Barry on Nov 25, 2015

Floating Fat Camp October 2015

October FFC1 cropped

From Left to Right:  Dave, Barry, John, Matt, Billy, Victor

It was a surprise to us all, but we ended up right back in Floating Fat Camp for October after just completing our September Floating Fat Camp.

Fresh off of our weight losses and strength gains in October we all continued to hit it hard and see just how far we could go in October.  We did not miss a day and continued to get in even better shape.  The results:

Dave loss an additional 4 lbs for an overall Fall Fat Camp  loss of 14 lbs

Barry loss an additional 8.2 lbs for an overall Fall Fat Camp loss of 23.4 lbs

John loss an additional 3.2 lbs for an overall Fall Fat Camp loss of 7.6 lbs

Matt loss an additional 9.8 lbs for an overall Fall Fat Camp loss of 22.4 lbs

Billy was new to the camp and missed the initial weigh in so we estimate he lost around 5 lbs

Victor loss 6.8 lbs

Once again proving that consistently exercising and eating healthy will work and will continue to work as your body responds.  Fat will be lost and muscle gained as long as you are consistent and continue to push yourself.


The fun is not over yet as we will be heading out for a November Floating Fat Camp.  Needless to say that bodies and health is being changed for good with the amount of time and effort being put in by the crew.  We all expect to be in the best shape of our lives when this is all over.

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