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Posted by Barry on Oct 13, 2014

Warrior Dash 2014


As most of you know my life of sitting on the couch and watching others live life to the fullest on TV has been gone for some time now.  Last year my family started a new tradition of doing the Warrior Dash together as it is about the most fun we have ever had on a weekend.

The event is for the St Jude Children’s Hospital and consist of a 3.6 mile course this year of obstacles, water traps, mud, and more mud.  After you finish the course there are live bands, vendor booths such as Monster and Anytime Fitness handing out free samples, food to include the famous grilled turkey legs, and beer (you get one free beer with your registration).

Below are a bunch of pictures of us just flat out enjoying ourselves and living the healthy fit lifestyle.  Want to get off the couch and start being the one having the fun?  Make a change today.  It’s just that easy and me and my family are hear to help you.  Enjoy!








Warrior Dash 3

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