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Posted by Barry on Oct 7, 2010

Will I be in the next P90X Infomercial?

P90X Infomercial – Interviews

P90X Infomercial Interview Question 1 -Click to view Video

Upon submitting my success story and transformation video to Beachbody, I was contacted by the Success Stories department and informed that they were interested in possibly using my story in the next Infomercial.

While there are no guarantees that I will be put in the next infomercial I was honored to have been asked and upon receiving the infomercial Interview packet was excited to get started.  In this packet is a list of questions for you to answer and to video tape your answers and send them in.  I completed the interviews with the help of my son and will post them on my website as they are informative and many of you may be asking yourself the same questions.

Coach Barry

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