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New Info From Beachbody

New Info From Beachbody Here is the latest and greatest news coming down the Beachbody pipeline, and I of course want to pass along that info to the GooBurner team!  While many of the details are TBD, I’ve got some great bullet points to pass on to you. Here’s the highlights: 1) Tropical Shakeology — it is in final longevity testing right now, and if it passes with flying colors and needs no...
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Fall Challenge Documentation

Fall Challenge Documentation Here are some downloadable items you may want for the Fall Challenge. CALENDAR: October 2011 November 2011 December 2011 January 2011 WORKOUT SHEETS: P90X Worksheets P90X Excel Sheet NUTRITION: Diet...
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Fall GooBurner Team Challenge

Fall GooBurner Team Challenge Attention GooBurners — everyone who has been dogging it, slacking off, floundering, struggling with their workouts and/or nutrition, just needs to get back on track, or is ready to try P90X for the first time: I’m calling you out!  Are you satisfied with the effort you’ve made toward your health and fitness? I didn’t think so!  Until now, you’ve had GooBurner as a...
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Quit Your Crying

Quit Your Crying We all fall into ruts.  I have had great success with P90X and have even gone so far as to teach it to others as the one “leading” the workouts.  However after achieving a certain level of fitness I started to explore other areas such as the One on Ones and Insanity to keep pushing myself and my body.  I continued to improve and actually became pretty proud of the shape I...
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Keep Your Core Tight?

Keep Your Core Tight? You hear it over and over again from both Tony Horton and Shaun T.  Keep your core tight, but what does that really mean? Let’s face it when you first start out doing the exercises you are trying to learn the moves, trying to do them with intensity, trying not to bonk or burn yourself out, and trying to just survive.  When I first started I was just trying to survive and not...
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You Gotta Stretch

You Gotta Stretch I’ll admit it I fell into the trap of “I’ve been doing P90X for awhile and I know what I’m doing” so that I felt I could just do some workouts and not others. It all started about four or five weeks ago when I started to travel again for work and I was having to work extra hard on my nutrition.  When I am at home controlling my daily nutrition it has become fairly easy...
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Accountability How I continue to grow and learn about how to stay healthy and keeping physically active never ceases to amaze me.  When I first started out with P90X I was just trying to survive the hour and hope that I did not bonk or worse throw up.  Now this did not last long and before I knew it I was learning the moves and able to focus on my form and ‘getting the most” out of each...
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Time to Modify

Time to Modify If you work out long enough then at some point you are going to have to deal with an injury.  Now it could be something as minor as a hamstring tweak or as major as a torn tendon or muscle, but regardless you have a choice to make once you are injured. You can decide to stop working out all together and wait for the injury to heal or you can modify your workout to continue...
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Other Activities

Other Activities We all enjoy the Beachbody workouts whether it is P90X, Insanity, One-on-One, Turbo Fire, or any of the other amazing workouts, but when it is summer time and is just so darn nice outside you have to do “other activities” to get your exercise. Don’t get me wrong I still do the Beachbody workouts year round, but I augment them when the weather gets nice so that I continue to...
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P90X2 Pre-Order

P90X2 Pre-Order     Are you guys ready for P90X2? This is going to be a program that sets a whole new standard for home workout programs. And why is that, it’s because of the effort, planning, and people Beachbody hired in to help develop this program. Just from what I have been told by my up-line coaches (Both Wayne and Josh are in the P90X2 videos), this program is going to test...
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Life Gives Us All Little Reminders

Life Gives Us All Little Reminders Just when you think you have this “working out” thing all figured out life of course throws you a curve ball.  I’m sure everyone has had something similar happen to them so I wanted to write about it and tell you what I did and how I handled it. I had to take my son to a doctor’s appointment (he has an elbow injury and we are having a specialist at Vanderbilt Medical...
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P90X2 Clips!

P90X2 Clips! Beachbody has been releasing short clips of each of the workouts in the upcoming P90X2 program. If you haven’t watched the video clips, check them out below, and I think you’ll get even more excited for the debut of the new standard in fitness programs … P90X2!!   PAP Upper PAP Lower X2 Core The pre-order date is still tentatively scheduled for September 1st, but...
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Revisiting Nutrition

Revisiting Nutrition I want to revisit the whole topic of nutrition because I get the same questions over and over and I want to make sure you have all the information you need on what has to be one of the most important pieces to being successful with your exercise program. First, read the nutrition guide.  There is a lot of great information in the guide about where your calories should come from,...
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Love Being a Coach

Love Being a Coach Something I do not talk a lot about is how much I enjoy being a coach at Beachbody.  I really do not know why I do not talk about it more as I am so focused on working out and helping people stay motivated and trying to help them achieve their goals, but that is exactly what a coach is. My story is not unique at all as I was an active guy that lost his way as he got older and let...
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