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Build a Home Gym

Build a Home Gym My Home Gym When I started doing P90X it was with my son and we needed more than just the living room as we were running into one another and of course using the family TV for something other than just pure entertainment.  So we decided to set up our own home gym in our workshop that we currently used for storage (as well as being my old gym with weights, bench, squat rack now...
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My P90X Plus Review

My P90X Plus Review For those of you who have been checking Goo Burner, I have been reviewing some of my favorite Beachbody workout programs.  I always say the same thing: P90X is by far my favorite stand-alone program.  If you are going to do one and just one program, I think it MUST be P90X.  That has it all (lifting, cardio, nutrition, and is repeatable indefinitely).  However, if you are...
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P90X Round 2 Results

P90X Round 2 Results Check out my latest transformation video of my second round of P90x.  I did a hybrid called “Maximum...
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Latest From Tony!

Latest From Tony! Watch this latest clip as Tony talks about P90X:MC2 and what is going on in...
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P90X and Football

P90X and Football I love football!  At my house it is pro football mixed in with a little college football.  On Sundays we have the NFL Sunday Ticket package from Direct TV and watch the Red Zone in HD! My son and I compete (and sometimes my wife and daughters join in) with each other in a daily fantasy football match in that we pick our players from the early games and compete with points as we...
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P90X and Traveling

P90X and Traveling One of the challenges I faced during my first round of P90X (and still do) was how to keep on schedule when my job has me travel quite often.  As many of you know from my transformation video traveling for my job is one of the reasons I got so out of shape and put on weight.  There were several factors that helped me to stay on schedule and to make sure I continued to “Bring...
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Beachbody Coach – Why Would I ...

Beachbody Coach – Why Would I Want To Do That? Many of you are still in the first month or two of Round 1 of P90X, and focusing on the workouts and nutrition is your primary objective — as it should be!  However, I don’t want you to be so focused on the immediate goals that you miss a long-term opportunity that your hard work is creating for you.  Let me talk to you about Beachbody Coaching …. And please read this...
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My Insanity Review

My Insanity Review Insanity is probably the most intense cardio workout routine I’ve ever done, and I’ve done a lot of conditioning over the years.  Nothing like this though!  It’s crazy!  …. Actually, it’s “Insane”! I started using Insanity as a way to substitute a more intense cardio experience into my P90X routine, and that’s the way I recommend using it.  I wouldn’t...
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Pull-Up Tips

Pull-Up Tips Check out my new video on how to work through the pull ups in P90X Pull Up Tips – Click Here for...
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My P90X Review

My P90X Review What is P90x?  In my opinion, it is the BEST overall home fitness program ever developed.  Why?  Because it works!  Period!  (*Disclaimer — it works if you DO IT!!)  This program is so good that even when I travel to a hotel and have the option of using a weight room, I go to the effort of bringing my stuff to do P90X, rather than use the weight and cardio machines. ...
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25% Off Products FREE Coaching!

25% Off Products FREE Coaching! 25% OFF all Beachbody Products and FREE Coaching! For a limited time Beachbody is letting people sign up FREE to be a coach (a $40 dollar savings).  As a coach you get 25% off of all of the Beachbody products to include Shakeology, Recovery Drink, and all Workout Programs like P90X, Insanity, and One on One! If you decide to pursue the business side of coaching either now or at...
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My “Must Have” List

My “Must Have” List Coach Barry’s “Must Have” list for P90X If I had to go back in time and repeat my first round of P90X, knowing what I know now, there is a short list of items I feel I couldn’t do without.  Every one of these items, in my opinion, were critical to maximizing my results with the P90X program.  I used each of them several times per week, if not every day.  I hope this...
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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers Have a list of Questions and Answers on: Workouts Supplements Nutrition and Diet. It is all posted under my Q&A...
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Push Up Tips

Push Up Tips Check out my new video on how to work through the push ups in P90X Push Up Tips – Click Here for...
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