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Shakeology, Is It Worth It?

Shakeology, Is It Worth It? Shakeology.   Is it worth it?  Is there anything else out there I can use instead of it?  These are the 2 most common questions I get about this product.  Let me just give you my straight up analysis and recommendations regarding Shakeology. First, I must say that I LOVE this product.  I started using it at the start of month 2 of my first round of P90X and I haven’t...
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Will I be in the next P90X Infomerci...

Will I be in the next P90X Infomercial? P90X Infomercial – Interviews P90X Infomercial Interview Question 1 -Click to view Video Upon submitting my success story and transformation video to Beachbody, I was contacted by the Success Stories department and informed that they were interested in possibly using my story in the next Infomercial. While there are no guarantees that I will be put in the next infomercial I...
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GooBurners Hall of Fame

GooBurners Hall of Fame GooBurners! I am very proud of our team and the fact that by encouraging each other, supporting each other, holding each other accountable, and pushing each other to be our best, that we turn out people who have changed their lives for the better!  It takes total commitment and you have to stay vigilant, stay strong, and stay determined but it is so worth it!  So know matter...
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I’m on P90X Facebook Page!

I’m on P90X Facebook Page! To all I have the honor of being selected by the P90X Facebook official page as a post for my transformation.  Check it out and hopefully you will be inspired as my family has been to keep “Bringing It!” Coach Barry on the official P90X Facebook...
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Round 2 – Maximum Mass

Round 2 – Maximum Mass Gaining Mass with P90X Guys have a thing for mass. It’s hard to explain, really, but boys seem to grow up wanting nothing more than to be big. Guys want speedboats and trucks, and they want to look like the Terminator. If this sounds like you, here’s the article you’ve been looking for: customizing P90X for mass. What is mass? Mass simply means size. As part of...
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Dishes For P90X Meals

Dishes For P90X Meals Dishes for P90X Meals I was recently asked for some of the other dishes I made while I was going through my transformation.  This is one of the toughest parts of the challenge as what we eat is going to directly determine the type of results we get.  You can’t “eat what you want” just because you are working out hard and expect to lose weight and build muscle.  Your body...
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My P90X Story

My P90X Story I was always a healthy, fit kid as I grew up on the tropical island of Kwajalein, in the Marshall Islands, then my family moved back to the states. There I began a steady decline in my fitness and eating habits starting in elementary school. I was becoming obese even though I was participating in all the community sports such as baseball and football and this trend continued until...
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What Supplements I Used For Round 1

What Supplements I Used For Round 1 The following are the supplements I found that worked (through trial and error and finally getting some coaching help) for my P90X Round 1. Shakeology This is by far my favorite Beachbody supplement.  It’s got hundreds of nutrients and supplements in it that help build muscle and reduce food cravings not to mention all the antioxidants and phytonutrients that help counteract...
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What I Ate For Round 1

What I Ate For Round 1 I was recently asked what I ate through my first round of P90X to get the results I did.  So the following is a detailed guide to the nutrition I found worked for me. First I ate five times a day when I could I know our jobs and our lives do not make this easy as the normal way is to have three meals a day, but with some modification and a few tricks you can make this...
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My P90X Story

My P90X Story I had always been an active guy and never had to worry about my weight too much. I moved to a tropical island called Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands for most of my 30’s and the lifestyle out there was very healthy and active.  The island is only 3 miles long by a half mile wide and is very isolated, but the 3000 Americans living and working there formed a very tight friendly...
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Let Me Coach You On Your P90X Journe...

Let Me Coach You On Your P90X Journey Welcome to Goo Burners I am here to help you achieve the kind of weight loss, strength, and fitness goals that you never thought possible!  As a normal guy with an active lifestyle I had no issues with weight or fitness until I fell prey to the American way of life (No Daily Exercise and a Fast Food Diet).  My job, as your coach, is to help you develop the right workout and...
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