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Find Your Island

Find Your Island As many of you know I have been deployed for the past two and a half months and was on an island where although there was plenty of work there was not a lot of life’s distractions such as TV, high speed internet, family, social obligations, you get the idea.  What I learned from my time on Wake was how to control and regulate not only my workout schedule better, but really got...
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Fitness is a Choice

Fitness is a Choice I often have wondered why some people struggle so much with their fitness while others seem to follow the same advice and get amazing results.  After helping people for the past three years I believe it all comes down to something as simple as saying that “Fitness is a Choice”. We all look at others; famous people, friends, co-workers and wonder how they are able to be in...
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Run Like a Kid

Run Like a Kid I have never been a big fan of running.  I think it comes from my being an athlete when I was young and every time you messed up or the team was being punished for not playing well we had to run for what felt like days. I also am the type of person who loves to lift weights.  I really enjoy getting in the gym and seeing how many reps I can do.  Setting goals and meeting them...
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Order ASYLUM Volume 2

Order ASYLUM Volume 2 Asylum Volume 2: Elite Training Series is now available!! This is not a “pre-order”, but an actual live order.  They will start shipping direct to you immediately!  If you liked Asylum, you’ll love going even harder, digging even deeper, and looking like a pro athlete. And the best part about Asylum Volume 2 is it doesn’t hit your wallet hard.  You get the workouts that...
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The New BeachBody Challenge

The New BeachBody Challenge Beachbody Challenge – As if getting in shape wasn’t enough of a prize, Beachbody offers you cash for getting fit! Each and every day, Team Beachbody gives away $500 cash to one member of Team Beachbody. As a part of the GooBurner’s Team, you are already a TBB member. So what can you do to make sure you are eligible for the Beachbody Challenge‘s daily prizes? There have...
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Survivor Meets The Biggest Loser

Survivor Meets The Biggest Loser As I go into my 8th week on Wake Island it has occurred to me that we are going through an experience that is a lot like Survivor the TV show and also some of the same characteristics as The Biggest Loser TV show. We have all been put on a small island with limited resources and have been asked to perform a very important task all the while trying not to go crazy from the...
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Order Les Mills COMBAT!

Order Les Mills COMBAT! Order Les Mills COMBAT!! Links for the brand new workout program Les Mills Combat ARE LIVE! Read more below and place your pre-order!   Only a $59 price tag for a 60 day MMA home workout is a GREAT deal and if you want the weighted combat training gloves to make the workouts more intense, you can opt for the Supreme kit.  Of course, if you want the extra bonus workouts, the...
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Life in the Fast Lane

Life in the Fast Lane A few weeks ago I wrote an article about how to help take you from the couch to fit in nice easy slow steady steps.  The reason for that was that it seemed that I had a lot of customers “overwhelmed” by all the  changes coming to them at once so I broke it down to help them make progress and stay on track (One Bite at a Time).  However what about that group of you that are...
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Momentum The dictionary describes momentum as: mo·men·tum/mōˈmentəm/ Noun: The quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity. The impetus gained by a moving object. The impetus gained by a moving object.  This means that as an object (You) starts to move you gain more and more energy.  You see it all the time in sports.  One...
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O Canada!

O Canada! Canada Beachbody Coaching is opening October 1st It is finally happening!.  Those of you who have been patiently waiting for years have heard me right (that is you Andy!).  Canada Beachbody Coaching signups are entering the “pre-launch” phase!  You can sign up October 1st! On OCTOBER 1st, Canadian citizens will be allowed to sign up for the U.S. teambeachbody coaching...
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The Many Names of Sugar

The Many Names of Sugar Trying to eat healthy can be very confusing.  There are some easy rules that help like “only eat something that has one ingredient” for example apple.  If you eat an apple you know that it is healthy for you.  However in most of the foods we eat there has been some type of processing or ingredients added. So we have all learned to “read the labels” on the foods we eat...
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Inner Strength

Inner Strength True strength comes from within.  Not sure who said it, but I know that it is a fact.  As you go through your own transformation you will not only start to get strong physically, but you will be amazed at the inner strength and self confidence that you will gain. The positive effect that getting your health and fitness under control and the success of making your body stronger...
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Diet Soda

Diet Soda We all want to know if it is a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to our health.  It looks like it could be alright as it has zero calories, but we also see that some of the heaviest people we know drink diet soda.  What is going on here as something just does not seem quite right. So I did some research as I too like to have a diet soda every once in awhile.  I use to...
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Always Tweaking

Always Tweaking I have been running pretty “hardcore” on my nutrition now for almost 3 weeks and I am starting to see some real results.  While I have not lost a lot of weight as I am doing a workout program specifically designed to “build” muscle mass, I am seeing small changes in my body. I am getting bigger in all the right places (arms, back, chest) and getting more ripped in others...
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